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Miami Beach Homes

Miami real estate may be most famous for its gleaming sky-scraping condominiums, but you will also find an array of Miami Beach single family homes to suit any taste, whether you are looking for a modest family home or a spectacular mansion worthy of royalty.

Believe it or not today you can actually find Miami Beach homes for under $100,000! For a modest $600,000 you could even get your hands on a 5 bedroom home with a good sized front and back yard and almost 3,000 square feet of living area. Though of course if you want to reside alongside the stars you will probably be browsing the million dollar waterfront mansions that go for around $1,000 a foot.

Who Lives In Miami Beach?

They call South Florida the melting pot for a reason. You will find an amazing blend of cultures here with the rich and famous from all over the world claiming Miami Beach homes for themselves.

In addition to being home to many of South Florida’s top athletes, you will also find music stars, supermodels, business moguls and of course more than a few movie stars all with stunning Miami Beach homes. Of course the area is also home to many fashion designers with the former Versace mansion still attracting many tourists.

So if you are already a star you will feel right at home here, and if you aren’t yet it is a great place to network and meet those who might be able to give you a helping hand on your way up the ladder.